JAWS Scripts for Reaper

The Reaper application is a multiTracked audio and MIDI recording program, availble from Reaper.fm

These scritps are free of charge, and are intended to support the OSARA accessibility package for Reaper, being developed by NVAccess. Link to the NVAccess OSARA page Make sure you have the latest Osara installed.

The following installer has been modified to work with jaws after version 2018, as well as with earlier versions: Download the scripts installer, and run it as normal:

Scripts version 20 (most recent)

  1. Item Parameters dialog did not speak when arrowing up and down
Reaper Scripts Version 20

Partial Version History

Version 19

  1. Eliminated eextraneous speech that was occuring when specifying the naem of a new track.

Version 18

  1. JAWSKey+UpArrow now says the track name, and number of items.
  2. More sliders work better, the jaws processing delay has been removed, so you can lean on the slider keys now, and watch them slew.
  3. Shift+space can now be used to toggle checkboxes in dialogs.
  4. cleaned up some of the prompts in the i/o dialog.
  5. jawsKey+tab gives a better description of the control in focus.
  6. Up and down arrow in the actions lists now dings the default beep at the top and bottom of the list.
  7. Parameters list (p dialog): when up and down arrowing in the value field, jaws kept saying 0%
  8. Midi editor, piano role, lef and right arrows were saying blank before each entry.

Version 16

Version 16 restores the normal behavior for alt+up and down arrows. these keys now modify volume in 0.05 DB steps, and are no longer connected to jaws scripts. Responsiveness has been improved, for the control+shift+upDown arrows actions, which are in the Osara key map to modify volume in 1db steps. The scripts added for those keys simply prevent the standard paragraph selection logic from running, since that is no relevant in Reaper. A test script was connected to control+shift+v, but that has now been removed.

Version 15 additions

Concerning JAWS scripts for Reaper, version 15. Two new things have been added.

To provide future jaws key strokes, without conflicting with reaper assignments, a new keyboard layer, jawsKey+z has been added. This obviated the standard jaws key for controlling the virtual cursor. But, we do not believe that function is required while inside reaper, and so the hot key can be reassigned.

Press insert+z to activate the layer, then press one of the layer key strokes. All valid keys close the layer after performing their function. Pressing any other key will exit the layer.

JawsKey+z followed by h will list the layer keystrokes.

Two special layer commands have been added.
m = monitoring ReaComp gain reduction. To use this, press f, from the track list, to open the fx dialog, and focus on ReaComp. You may need to add this effect, if it is not already on this track. Once you have the UI window for ReaComp open, press JawsKey+z, followed by M to activate monitoring. JAWS should say that monitoring is active. You should hear the gain reduction spoken once every 2 seconds. Press jawsKey+z, followed by m again to stop the monitoring.
Second new key stroke is JawsKey+z followed by v. This should be used when focused in the list of effect names in the F dialog. It is intended to present a list of effect names with prefixes stripped away, so you can more easily find the one you want. Use first letter navigation, or arrow keys to find your effect.
There are two buttons you can access, using shift+tab, for expanding, or contracting the list. Expand, returns the list to showing the original names. Contract, attempts to remove leading prefixes. You can switch back and forth between the lists at will. Once you find an effect, press enter to insert that effect, and the entire dialog will close. Or, press escape to close the virtualizer, and return to the original, unmodified list.

Here are other change notes for v15:

  1. Moved the speak selection start and end keys to control+alt+shift semicolon and apostrophe.
  2. Removed the shut up key, which was "/". Use the standard jaws key combo, insert+space, followed by s for this.
  3. Fixed the GoTo selection start and end commands, control+shift left and right brackets. These were not moving the cursor to the desired end point.
  4. removed the trace commands, freeing up control+shift+z and other z variants..

Scripts Version 14

Reaper scritps version 14: Added overrides for the laptop layout, where some reaper hot keys were being used by jaws default key assignments.
Corrected some issues related to the following v13 additions:
  1. Added two new hotkeys for memorizing, and then returning to a control in a dialog. Suppose you opened the item properties, and pressed tab tab tab a million times, to laboriously find a control, which you knew you would want to return to. Before leaving the dialog, press control+windows+tab to memorize the position. Next time you open the dialog, you can press windows+tab to return focus to the memorized position. This will not work in some cases, such as where the window structure changes as you tab into other parts of the dialog.
  2. Keyboards without a context key, braille key for the focus display, dot 8 chord is equivalent to the context key. Modifiers not handled yet.
  3. Track Parameters, and FX Parameters dialogs:
    As you arrow up and down the list of parameters, the name of the parameter, is followed by the value of that parameter. SayLine will also now say name and value. This avoids the need to press tab to hear the value. You still must tab over if you want to change the value. In the Value field, you can now hold down the up or down arrow, or page up / page down, if you want to rapidly scroll through the values. Jaws will no longer insert a keyboard delay. JAWS will remain silent as long as the key is held down. If you want to hear the current value spoken, just lift your finger. When you reach the end of the value list, jaws will ding repeatedly.

Reaper Scripts Version 14

Create Cue Sheets For Station Playlist Creator

If you want to use Reaper to create a program for broadcast, and that program contains elements that you would like to send out via title streaming when the program is streamed, using Station Playlist Creator, you would need a means of converting the reaper project file into the cue sheet format used by SPL. This section contains a simple utility for doing that.

This is a Python program. So you need to install Python on your machine in order to use this program, or otherwise have a means of running python programs. JAWS Scritps are not required for this.

This converter assumes that the audio files that you are including in your project are named using the artist - title format. If further assumes, that all tracks will be scanned, and that items of 60 second length, or longer, should be included. But, if your items in reaper are just live voice recordings, those file names will turn up in your cue sheet as well, and you will need to edit the resulting cue sheet manually, to turn those numerical filenames into something useful to stream.

To use this, download This Python program

This program is provided as is. You can edit it to your hearts content. This product is not supported. I give it to you, free of charge. You do with it what you will.

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