JAWS Scripts for Reaper

The Reaper application is a multiTracked audio and MIDI recording program, availble from Reaper.fm

These scritps are free of charge, and are intended to support the OSARA accessibility package for Reaper, being developed by NVAccess. Link to the NVAccess OSARA page Make sure you have the latest Osara installed.

The following installer has been modified to work with jaws 2018, as well as with earlier versions: Download the scripts installer, and run it as normal:

Scripts Version 12

Reaper scritps version 12:
  1. Further work to suppress the warning message about the status bar not being visible.
  2. Improved navigation in the options treeview, to prevent speaking of extraneous items.
  3. Options treeview, some treeview nodes, would automatically change focus from the treeview over to a field in the selected page. A major offender was the audio node, the first time you entered it. This is a reaper bug, not a scripts bug. But the scritps will force focus back to the treeview when that happens. When the scripts are taking the corrective action, A very slight hesitation may be noticed, and is unavoidable.
  4. Options treeview, added sounds for indicating the treeview level. A sound plays when you use rleft/right arrows to open or close a node. and also whenever the treeview level changes as you arrow up and down. To disable those sounds: see file Reaper.ini, and change SoundsEnabled to 0.

Reaper Scripts Version 12

Create Cue Sheets For Station Playlist Creator

If you want to use Reaper to create a program for broadcast, and that program contains elements that you would like to send out via title streaming when the program is streamed, using Station Playlist Creator, you would need a means of converting the reaper project file into the cue sheet format used by SPL. This section contains a simple utility for doing that.

This is a Python program. So you need to install Python on your machine in order to use this program, or otherwise have a means of running python programs. JAWS Scritps are not required for this.

This converter assumes that the audio files that you are including in your project are named using the artist - title format. If further assumes, that all tracks will be scanned, and that items of 60 second length, or longer, should be included. But, if your items in reaper are just live voice recordings, those file names will turn up in your cue sheet as well, and you will need to edit the resulting cue sheet manually, to turn those numerical filenames into something useful to stream.

To use this, download This Python program

This program is provided as is. You can edit it to your hearts content. This product is not supported. I give it to you, free of charge. You do with it what you will.

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