Easy CD Creator Scripts for JAWS For Windows

Easy CD Creator from Adaptec Corporation is used to make audio CD disks on your computer.

These scripts are for Easy CD Creator version 4.0x, not the new Version 5.0, and make the up and down arrows more reliably speak the name of the highlighted track or file in either the Track View or Files View panes. They automatically close the media player which overshadows the pane and prevents speech without these scripts.

Keys are provided to control the media player which allow you to preview files or listen to a track in the layout.

Hot keys are also provided to speak the amount of time your CD will play, as well as a convenient key to add a selected file directly to the layout.

Yu can acquire the latest version of these scripts by choosing one of the following two links, depending on the version of jaws you are running. You will also need an authorizaition file which can be purchased below. Easy CD Creator 4.0x For Jaws 3.7 And Earlier Easy CD Creator 4.0x For Jaws 4.0 And Later

These scripts are available for fifteen dollars US. You can pay by credit card using the ProPay system by sending a request to the Snowman below. Do not include your credit card information. A form will be sent to you.

Alternatively, Click on the link below to pay using your PayPal account. You can place your JAWS serial number in the second edit field for the street address. Or, if you are not comfortable using PayPal, send an inquiry to The Snowman via the send e-mail link at the bottom of this page. Please include your JAWS serial number so that your script package will be properly enabled.

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