Sound Forge 12
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Posted on: April 17, 2018

Sound Forge 12 Scripts

This page contains JAWS scripts for Magix Sound Forge pro, version 12. The installer below will install JAWS Scripts for Sound Forge 12, and works with 32 bit, as well as 64-bit systems. < If you already own an authorization for previous Sound Forge scripts from The Snowman, then you are already licensed to use these scripts, and your current authorization file will suffice. >p> If you are a new user, you can purchase a license by sending $30.00, including your JAWS serial number to the following PayPal address: We will process your order when the payPal notification comes through. Remember to include your JAWS serial number, and your e-mail address, cince PayPal does not pass that information along. If you have questions, or want to confirm we know about your order, contact


If you have not already subscribed, and have not yet purchased an authorization, you can download a demo authorization below. The demo is fully functional, but requires a jaws restart every ten minutes in order to continue using the scripts.
Do not download this if you have already purchased an authorization.
Place this file in the user-specific settings area of jaws. Download Temporary Authorization File Here

To obtain The actual scripts for Sound Forge 12 pro, click here: Save and run this installer: Sound Forge 12 Jaws Scripts, version 0


Since sound forge 11 seems to be a bit heavier on CPU usage with large projects, it is important to reduce the overhead imposed by video processing that you don't need. Follow these tips manually. You only need to do this once:

Confirming Installation

Once all files are installed, focus in sound forge 12, and press insert+q. Jaws should say: "Scripts version 12.0.0, for Sound Forge 12". If it says that Default Settings are loaded, then the files have not been copied, and the installation was not complete. IF that happens, contact the Snowman.

Once installed and reporting the correct version, you can Use insert+h to learn about the various hot keys.

Check out the Articles section below to learn about the various editing modes.


These articles were written for SF11, but are presently believe to apply equally to SF12, and discuss various aspects of operating Sound Forge. Skimming Audio and Selection methods MultiTrack Overdubbing